Erica Renee

Erica Renee

“I’m drawn to the hard stuff – that’s why I decided to become a pilot in the Marine Corps. It all came from that sense of achievement I had after I got back from my STEP expedition to Alaska.”

1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, Osprey Aircraft Pilot,
STEP Alum, U.S. Naval Academy Graduate

Nathalie Guevara

"Being a first generation Latina and coming from a single parent household, I used to want to cry at the idea of applying to college. I had no idea that I had what it took to get into a college like Pomona, but STEP believed in me and that was the push I needed. STEP literally made my dreams come true. I will be thanking STEP for the rest of my days."

STEP Alum, Pomona College

Ashley Parra

“I don’t think I could ever put all of my gratitude for the STEP program into words.  Without STEP, I would have been so lost in this crazy college application process.  I would not have known what tests to take, how to format my essays, how to apply for financial aid … but most importantly, I would not have known that I had the potential to go to a school like Wellesley.  Thank you for guiding me towards success!”

STEP Alum, Wellesley College

Jazzmina Redondo

"When I applied to STEP my sophomore year, I didn’t think I would be accepted. I thought that opportunities like these never happen to people like me - a girl who comes from a family where no one attends college. Being accepted and attending all the workshops was a complete blessing. I gained the support and knowledge that I would have never gotten at my school. In the end I gained confidence in myself. STEP has been one of the best experiences in my life."

STEP Alum, University of Arizona