Victoria Romero

“STEP, in a very short period of time, has created a great reputation for their program with a lot of credibility.”
— Victoria Romero
Vice President for Enrollment, Scripps College

“STEP has acquired a strong reputation with colleges because there’s a lot of work on the students’ part. These are really committed students and STEP is obviously a transformative experience,” says Victoria.

To get into the top colleges, “Each student has to take an appropriately rigorous curriculum, and that varies from student to student. The key in high school is for students to get the best education they can. They need to be prepared.” But, by the same token, “There’s not a formula for what you need to do. I want students to do the things they actually want to do, not the things that look good on paper.”

While hard work is at the core of STEP, the emphasis on expanding boundaries and cultivating self-awareness gives students the tools to discover and pursue what it is they love.