Octavio Orozco Ibarra

“STEP helped me with reaching out and not being afraid to ask for help.”
— Octavio Orozco Ibarra
STEP Class of 2016, Bowdoin College Class of 2020

STEP helps students gain the knowledge and skills to be successful college applicants. It also helps students learn how to communicate with higher education professionals. Octavio is putting those skills to use now as a current student at Bowdoin College. “With STEP I learned how to write a formal email and interview with admissions officers. With those skills, I am now able to present myself in the best possible way to professors and employers.”


Octavio also found a great support system with STEP. “STEP helped me with reaching out and not being afraid to ask for help. There were times during my high school experience that I struggled and I knew I could reach out to Tracy or Eileen and they would be happy to help me. Becoming comfortable asking for help has helped me at Bowdoin. When I struggle academically, I go to tutoring. When I struggled with my roommate, I was comfortable asking for help. In STEP I learned how to look for resources and be my own advocate.” The support system STEP offers is something that Octavio does not take for granted. “The STEP staff are awesome individuals. They know what they are doing. They know what advice to offer individuals. They help prepare us to leave everything we know to go to a new environment.”


Octavio has not decided on a college major, but he will likely major in Math with a possible double major in Computer Science. Whatever his choice, Octavio knows “STEP will be really supportive with anything I choose.”