Lia Brassord

“The STEP organization is truly one of my favorite organizations in the country. I hope to continue the relationship for many many years to come.”
— Lisa Brassord
Senior Assistant Admission Director, Smith College

Lia has worked with STEP since 2006 to identify “exactly what a high school student needs to do to be competitive for application to a selective college.” To Lia, “The greatest thing STEP has done is counsel students to go above the minimum requirements for an Arizona high school diploma. These students are so capable and so smart and STEP challenges them to take hard courses – that makes all the difference.”

The hard work STEP students put in to high school is duly noted by Smith College. “STEP students are terrific. We accepted thirteen STEP students just last year! I proudly refer to them as my ‘STEP girls,’” says Lia fondly.