Isabel Oroz

“STEP did a really really good job of pairing my daughter, Corina, with a college. If it wasn’t for STEP, Corina wouldn’t be at Pomona today.”
— Isabel Oroz
STEP Parent
Daughter Corina - STEP Class of 2016, Pomona College Class of 2020

Isabel’s daughter is thriving in Pomona College’s small, close-knit community and her family couldn’t be happier. “I was just so amazed when we took her there to drop her off. It blew me away how small the school is, but yet the students and faculty are so powerful. They’re mighty. They made a big big impact on us.”

Like any parent, Isabel was sad to see her daughter leave home, but she was prepared to handle it after sending Corina on STEP’s Alaska expedition. “I had a lot of questions about the expedition, like what to pack, and I knew very little about NOLS,” remembers Isabel. “But the parent panel hosted by STEP made me feel a lot better. They had all the equipment there, so I could touch it and really understand what was going on. I’m so glad I let her go.  Now she’s away at college. Luckily for me, southern California is a lot closer than the icy wilderness of Alaska!”