Claudia Marroquin

“STEP is the gold standard in Arizona because of the way it has expanded its workshops to fully
encompass what students must do for a successful college application.”
— Director of Admissions, Bowdoin College

 Participating in so many focused workshops makes STEP students unique. “The piece that has been interesting,” says Claudia, “is that STEP students really know how to advocate for themselves.  I don’t know if it’s the workshops or the leadership expedition, but STEP students know how to ask for things.”

The secret to college success “isn’t any one skill,” says Claudia, “but it does come down to mindset and the attitude with which students approach challenging situations. Grit and perseverance are necessary for anyone going into college. Successful students are able to seek out the resources that they need in the classroom and in social situations. STEP students certainly know how to self-advocate and have developed the resilience to get through difficult times.”