Arizona High School Sophomores

STEP wants to help YOU succeed in college.

We will guide you through every step of the college application process from sophomore year through senior year.

STEP is a lot of work – but the return on your investment of effort is amazing!

College-Prep Program Application Deadline for Current Sophomores – TBD for 2018

We are working hard on a new system for our application. Stay tuned for an updates soon!


Student Qualifications

You must meet all qualifications to apply:

  • Sophomore
  • Un-weighted GPA of 3.6 or higher
  • Taking multiple Honors classes and on track to take AP/IB level classes in junior/senior year
  • Low income (qualify or slightly above qualifying for free/reduced lunch)
  • Neither parent has a 4-year college degree

A Completed Application Includes

  • STEP Application – digitally SIGNED by student and parent/legal guardian
  • Essay responses
  • Two (2) teacher/counselor recommendations
  • Copy of Transcript (can be unofficial)
  • Current Progress Report



Application Instructions & Forms to Download

We prefer to receive typed applications. Applications must be PRINTED and SIGNED and either turned in to your counselor at school (if your school is coordinating with STEP) or mailed directly to STEP. DO NOT E-MAIL YOUR APPLICATION TO US.

BEST OPTION: Download STEP Application - Fill In Form on a computer that has Microsoft Word loaded on it. Use your school’s computer lab or a local library if your personal computer does not have Microsoft Word.


Application Fill-In Form Instructions:

  • Download the Application to your computer (or your flash drive to take to a computer with Microsoft Word).
  • Document will open in a preview format with no editing available.  Choose the view tab at top and select edit document.
  • TYPE your answer into each answer field (use tab to move through fields).
  • PROOFREAD your application and make sure you answered ALL of the questions.
  • SAVE your application to your flash drive or computer.
  • PRINT your application (and essay question responses).
  • SIGN and either turn in to your counselor coordinating with STEP or mail directly to STEP.

Recommendation Form Instructions:

Print Recommendation Form - PDF to give a hard-copy to your teachers.  Also direct them to the Recommendation Form - FILL IN Link so that they can type directly into the FILL-IN form. Teachers should follow instructions above for downloading and opening the form.

Please ask your recommenders to include a letter of recommendation with the form(Recommenders may e-mail recommendation form/letter directly to STEP)

** TWO Recommendations Required per Applicant ** These must come from two high-school teachers in core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language) or one from a teacher in a core subject and one from a guidance counselor. Additional recommendations may be submitted.

LAST RESORT: If you have NO access to a computer with Microsoft Word, we will accept carefully hand-written applications. Print STEP Application - PDF to fill out the application by hand. Write clearly!


To mail your application directly to STEP, mail to:

6336 N. Oracle Road, #326-326, Tucson, AZ 85704

Questions about the application or process? Email us at



“STEP was my college parent. STEP showed me not only how to apply to college and financial aid, but it also helped me believe in myself. STEP is why I attend the school of my dreams.”
— Ashley Parra, STEP Alum, Wellesley College
“I think STEP truly opened my eyes to all the options and opportunities there are and made me believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Something I wish every student would know.”
— Kimberly Soltero, STEP Alum, U.S. Air Force Academy